My Crafted Studio Door!

Hello there after such a long time!

I know I haven't put anything on the old blog in FOREVER, but I've been staying busy and staying crafty. Hopefully (if the internet cooperates) I will be putting up several entries in the next few days. Please internet gods be with me ;).

So anyways, this particular post is about my studio door. About a week ago, I was sitting in my studio, praying for inspiration and getting severely off task. And it hit inspiration or creativity because my studio space seriously is dark and drab and boring! Its got very 70s dark wood paneling :( Love the 70s, just not the wood paneling. So I came up with a plan to revamp the studio.

Step one: Brighten up the plain white door. 

 ***The before is actually the outer door of the studio. I didn't think to take pics before I did the inside part.***

See! Doesn't it look soooo much better? Also look at that horrible paneling. Ugh. I have a plan for that too. Also for the bottom panel of the door, but all that's for a little later.

What you need:
* Painters Tape (the blue kind)
* Sand paper
* Pencil
* Paint in your choice of color (I used craft paint, but you could use indoor paint. It will save you a step, but cost more and you WILL have paint left over.
* Protective clear coat paint (I used the spray paint one, but be careful and don't inhale. High from crafts is not a pretty picture!)
* A Protective mask (for sanding and paint fumes)
* Protective Goggles
* Ruler
* Foam Paint brushes

If the paint on your door is slick, you are going to want to sand it a bit to rough it up first!...oh and if you sand, use a mask. They used to put weird cancer giving things in paint (ie. lead and asbestos).  Better safe than sorry I always say...actually that's my mom...I say that Safety is Sexy! See:

Ok...not so sexy, but necessary regardless!

So basically what I did next was to take a painters tape (you know the blue kind) and mark off the panel thing on the door, so you don't paint outside of the panel.

Then I marked off the sides and top with my measurements. In my case, I wanted the diamonds to be kinda big and longer than they were wider, so I did 3 inch increments on top and bottom and 6 inches on the sides. That way my diamonds were 6 in tall and 3 in wide.

You may even get help with this from inquisitive kitties...

...OR NOT.

Then I took the painters tape and marked off my diamonds all the way across the paneling.

It was at this point, my other kitty helper, Elle came to help. She's not as "into stuff" as Cam is so I was pretty ok with her inspecting.


Now for the fun part! TIME TO PAINT!! Not yet. Psyched you out didn't I? One more step before painting. I basically had 5 colors that I wanted to incorporate into the door: Red, a groovy pea green, teal blue, orange, and purple. And I didn't want any of the diamonds to be next to a diamond of the same color so i took that into account when I was marking which diamonds were which color. I put a little code on the wood itself to mark which were which color. "B" for blue, p for get the idea.

NOW its time to really...I'm serious this time. At this point, its kind of like a coloring book or paint by numbers. Paint inside the lines.

 I wanted a really vibrant color, so I put 2 coats. This is one coat:

Spotty right? This is with 2:

Like I mentioned before, I used regular craft paint. I did this for a few reasons. won't use a lot of paint for this. TWO...craft paint is cheaper and comes in more varied colors (and I like cheaper). THREE...I already had the craft paint.

But if you use craft paint, you WILL have to put a clear protective coat on it. And that is the next step. (AFTER THE CRAFT PAINT DRIES COMPLETELY! OR YOU WILL SMEAR!) If you use interior paint, you don't have to do this step. And if you used craft paint and skip the protective will knock paint off every time you use the door...or touch the door...or the kids touch the get the drift.

So finally we have our beautiful, bright, unique finished product:

I am soooo happy with my studio door. Only, I want to do the bottom panel in the same colors but different pattern, but that's a story for another post.

Hope you enjoyed this! Happy Crafting!

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