Studio Revamp AKA Problems! Problems! Problems!

Hello there guys and dolls!

As you know from my studio door post, I am trying to revamp my studio. It had wood paneling and was just not functional as a studio (no shelving or storage!) and it was just dark and dank and not cute. See:

So my idea: Paint the paneling white! It will brighten it up and make it not feel so much like being in a pine box. What didn't occur to me? Research. Which is really weird because I LOVE to research EVERYTHING. But I got excited and went to get some paint and slapped it on the wall.

Problem #1? As I soon discovered, if you put latex paint onto wood paneling, you release sap from the wood that leaves horribly ugly yellow streaks down the wall. Yeah. Not quite the look I was going for.

So i had to make an emergency run to Lowe's and get some Oil based primer that will keep that from happening. So now that my wall looked fantastic, I discovered problem #2 . Oil based paint is STRONG in the fume department. My cousin and I were getting quite woozy even with the windows and door open and fans going.

Because of that, we decided to take a break to let the fumes dissipate. This is when problem #3 reared its ugly little head. Having never worked with oil based paint, I wasn't aware that water will not rinse this stuff off of you. You must have turpentine. Cue emergency Lowe's run #2.

Then in trying to get all the paint cleaned up, we used all the turpentine. I absolutely WAS NOT making another emergency Lowe's run! WAS NOT! So the walls are about 1/2 done. We are going to need another weekend to finish, but what's done looks great!

So. Yeah. My weekend was a series of missteps and messups. But we did have fun. Even if we are going to spend forever trying to get paint out of our hair.

~Happy Crafting~

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