Some great Craft blogs that I follow

Ok. So during my extended hiatus from blogging, I was reading a lot of other people's craft blogs and here are a few that I absolutely fell in love with.

One thing you should really know about me is that I have expensive tastes, but absolutely NO budget. So I DIY because I want the same looks but cheap. And I thought I was good at it...until I read the Dollar Store Crafts blog. There are DIYs in there that cost literally $1 or $5. I am so impressed with the sheer frugality that I fall on my knees and worship the ground she walks on.

Also on the really cheap but oh so cute side of things is the Thrifty Decor Chick. She is not only frugal and crafty, but she is funny as all get out. I literally hurt myself laughing every time I read her blog. She calls her sister "Stink Eye." Bwahahahahahaahaaahahahahahaahaaahahahahahaahaa! (Cough cough cough)...I'm ok. Anywho, she (like me) is a big fan of getting second hand stuff and making liberal use of paint (especially spray paint).

 Ok so if you go through a lot of craft blogs (like I do) you will discover an alarming trend. Most of the craft bloggers are women. Now being the equal rights type, this just rubbed me the wrong way, so I was tottally relieved to find a man made DIY blog (See what I did there?) And it's a great blog too. I don't know if he thinks out of the box because he's a man or because that's just his personality, but who thinks of making a bicycle tire into a hanging pot rack? read that correctly. BICYCLE TIRE INTO A POT RACK! And a darn cute one at that. I am in awe of your creativity.

This blog has something for everyone, kids crafts, home decor crafts, sewing patterns, great pictures, and a wonderful tutorial on turning hanging wire planters into a chandelier that I'm gonna try in a few days. I am so inspired just browsing through her blog.

So enjoy this list of great craft blogs. I know that there are more great ones out there, so as I find them I will update this post. Also, if you guys know of a great blog or website, leave me the link as a comment. (I do check all comments and also try to respond to all.)

Happy Reading and Happy Crafting!

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