Hello Again...Adventures in Backyard Design

Hello again everyone!

I know it has been FOREVER since I posted anything, but I have been super busy, working full time, going to school part time, taking in a bipolar friend, doing charity walks, ect. Wow...just really realized how busy I've been while typing that list. LOL

So anyway, I have decided that it's high time I spruce up my backyard. We have been living in this house for two years and haven't been able to really appreciate the backyard at all! It is mostly empty except for a covered structure with no flooring, an swing set with no swings, and a weird short cage looking thing. Also a crapload of prickly vines grow all over the place. Not really sure what they are, but they are annoying and PAINFUL! (Pictures of the yard coming soon!)

So my to do list for the yard is:

1) Put a flooring of some kind under the covered structure thingy that I am calling a porch. (My mom says that it's more of a gazebo but oh well. It's a porch now :D )
2)  A walkway on our side yard
3) A bar made of cinderblocks
4) A rock garden by the back of the house...with succulents!
5) Decorate the patio in a balinese inspired style
6) Putting in a lot of plants

I am hoping to have all this done by the end of summer and I am doing it all my myself! (Well...myself, my mom, and probably my cousin Nikki.)

What kinds of projects are you getting into this summer?

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